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happy hour was presented last night at remote lounge by jake & jen (above) of gothamist and aaron of 601am. the whole deal about remote is that there are cameras, monitors, camera controls and phones everywhere, interlinking tables and the people sitting at them.

then, in their nightly archives, remote lounge cam photos that people snapped all night are published on the site... there should be a few familiar, goofy faces for your entertainment... tho i must say, as much as i had a great happy hour (thx so much, guys!), between the rampant narcissism and the self conscious way everyone was looking around, i barely recognized nyc and thought i was back in LA...

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Friday 19 September 2003

remote lounge nyc

19 September 03 @ 12:34
cool place! looks like a lot of fun! the 2nd to last photo is neat. it reminds me of the party scene in the 80's movie "less then zero" where there are tv everywhere. people were even sitting on them.
19 September 03 @ 12:53
hey i've been talking about that movie a lot lately! i wish *i* had as much fun as those kids had!
19 September 03 @ 13:23
We only had fun because of you and Dave, mike...thanks so much.

And these photos are awesome, rion...thanks for coming!

19 September 03 @ 14:15
Wait, who are those awesome girls in the Page Sixsixsix t-shirts? J'adore!
19 September 03 @ 14:25
19 September 03 @ 14:33
That would be Rachel ( & galpal Kiki.
19 September 03 @ 15:16
wow, that girl from gothamist is HOT.
19 September 03 @ 18:07
I may be in NY in October. If so. I will have to vist this place! Love the black and white.
19 September 03 @ 19:14
I've discovered the little secret rion has to taking such great photo's---plenty of liquor spilled directly on the camera.

I took the award for last one to leave---err make that asked to leave.

21 September 03 @ 03:25
dave, alas, it's true... gotta keep the equipment happy!
21 September 03 @ 09:35
a few more at bluejake!
24 September 03 @ 18:35
we need a place like this in tokyo. great photos!
02 October 03 @ 14:45
These BW pics are cool. I specially like the #2 and #6. The girls of the 2nd pic are very beautiful, and i really like the girl on the pic #6 holding a bra, she have a lovely smile. :-)
20 January 04 @ 09:04
i want to c pictures from 1-17-2004 and i cant find them on the web..can u help me locate these pics....i would appreciate it
jocelyn //

12 May 04 @ 21:07
would love to see pics from nov 2-nov 5 2002. would you know where i could go to see them. thanks mark
mark fareri //

16 April 05 @ 17:42
looking for pics from nov 6 2001 where can i find them?
tara //

22 September 05 @ 15:21
Looking for pics from the Groovanauts party at remote lounge on 6-11-05! I have been all over! We have some on a digital camera but all the console pics can't be found!! awwwww....please help!
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