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Thursday 26 February 2004

file under strange but true: giant pandas roam times square

26 February 04 @ 20:00
Cool photos. Where they part of a protest or just causing an entertaining scene?
26 February 04 @ 20:39
what.the.hell???? i cant stop giggling!
26 February 04 @ 20:41
matt //

27 February 04 @ 00:35
The chains connecting them to the briefcases are what moves this beyond the everyday New York weirdness to something special. I almost don't want to find out what this was for.
27 February 04 @ 01:01
i have no clue as to why they were out, but there was something going on in the city yesterday...
27 February 04 @ 05:25
that is insanely cute :)
27 February 04 @ 05:57
One of the more bizarre set of images I've seen in a while.
27 February 04 @ 06:49
Classic pandas. Reminds me of a David Letterman stunt...perhaps...
27 February 04 @ 09:38
I found out why the pandas were there! A commercial shoot for the New York State Lottery's Panda-Money-um. Way.
27 February 04 @ 10:36
Pandas are the new trucker hat. Thanks for the awesome photos.
27 February 04 @ 12:37
hahahahah.... those are the new age trojan horses... maybe they are al-qaeda "terorists" with biological weapons in their briefacases

27 February 04 @ 12:56
Hahaha, these are great! Makes me wish I were standing in times square when the grouping of panda-men decided to hang out. Nice work. :)
27 February 04 @ 13:53
Was this related to the Cacophony Society (the people who organized the Santa Rampage) by any chance?
sam //

27 February 04 @ 14:34
Can you delete comments that are stupid? I'm just saying. I mean, don't you want to?
Kate //

27 February 04 @ 17:27
They are all so cute and fuzzy, not to mention friendly. I want a hug, too!
Annie //

27 February 04 @ 20:16
Hehehe, these are great. I love #2 & #3. #2 is especially cool - great timing to get the shot when he was looking up. Great!
27 February 04 @ 21:54
CLASSIC! Pandas in Times Square--not so strange. Pandas in Times Square with brief cases cuffed to their arms--now that's strange!!
joe g //

28 February 04 @ 22:23
With all the animals that are running around in NY... why not pandas??? Grrrrrreat!!!! what len were you using???? fred f
Fred //

29 February 04 @ 00:04
Now see, last time I went to work in a Panda suit, I got sent to the psychiatric hospital.
29 February 04 @ 07:21
I love
29 February 04 @ 22:32
bizarre! reminds me of trigger happy tv. in fact, i think that may be what it was!
29 February 04 @ 23:54
Revolution Panda style!
01 March 04 @ 01:40
IT'S PAND-A-MONIUM! these panda's look like the same rascals that were terrifying the japanese folks in jack ass the movie. looks like they traded in their skateboards for briefcases. fun photos, cuz!In #5 the panda looks like he is deep in thought. maybe he is late for work.
01 March 04 @ 08:27
well. it is so funny!Can u send someone of them to Rome???
have a nice day
petstarland //

01 March 04 @ 09:51
Hah, quite mausing, did they open the suitcases at all?
Tarsh Einfallsreich //

03 March 04 @ 16:01
Oh man, I work in Times Square but never get to see anything more interesting that tourists. Guess it would help if I had windows. Good stuff though.
04 March 04 @ 09:00
Actually you could consider it kind of creepy. I guess they were harmless, though.
04 March 04 @ 10:32
Wow! If I knew dressing up as a panda would let me pull hot japanese chicks I would have got my costume ages ago.
Zapateria //

04 March 04 @ 18:35
brilliant. trigger happy tv in nyc.
09 March 04 @ 15:47
Yes, this was a NY Lotto 2 day shoot all over the city. How do I know? Because I was one of the Pandas!
15 March 04 @ 00:12
that's hardcore - I Love New York, because NY Loves Me. I'm currently creating a Times Square on my homepage... I was there in January baby! It was beautiful in snow white ;) newworld //

18 March 04 @ 02:09
eeeeeep //

02 July 04 @ 16:19
that is surreal. i think the handcuffed attaches make it even more bizzare.
06 July 04 @ 11:09
Beautiful. Spook pandas make my day
06 July 04 @ 14:14
Brilliant,very,very funny
billm //

12 July 04 @ 22:50 *giggle*
summerfp //

30 July 04 @ 09:17
God help us all!!!!! It has begun and sooner than I expected! There is still hope though we will have to think fast...
atombob //

05 August 04 @ 13:25
what i wanna know is where did they get those ADORABLE costumes?
pandababy //

16 August 04 @ 22:13
me asustan!
daniela //

20 August 04 @ 20:37
Wooooooooooooooooooosh here come the pandas to ruin your day!
TehElitePanda //

14 September 04 @ 01:41
The coolest thing ever!
sabelita //

22 October 04 @ 15:47
Surreal but nice!?
26 November 04 @ 07:13
Random but cool. Random is good!!
Vicky and Laura //

26 November 04 @ 07:17
New Trend Saying in regard to the pandas- OH NOOOOOOOO!! Everyone who reads this must say it really loud
Nat //

06 December 04 @ 20:08
lmfao....this is hularios i need one of those costumes....werent pandas are my fav anilmal and now there are some that I can c at Time Square...duz it get any better?
26 January 05 @ 16:56
My class is learning about China and this is pretty cute this picture.
Cord //

01 April 05 @ 02:04
that is the most awesome thing i have ever seen..and the breifcases just add more to how b****'in it is. Bravo.
peculiar_panda //

11 April 05 @ 17:24
hey those are my of my many WE ARE ON THE RISE The Pandas ROCK
Pandelvis //

04 November 05 @ 15:29
It was great to see the one shot big at the New Work New York show last night. Looked outstanding. My favorite thing about it is the woman in front of the pandas I don't think has a clue what's behind her...
Tobyleah //

14 June 09 @ 11:17
Rion -- Have you heard about the Sad Panda roaming around NYC these days? I wonder if these were the first incarnation? Could the briefcases on these pandas be similiarly symbolic to how the Sad Panda is only seen downtown in the financial district?
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